media consulting

Rob Sedgwick and Cathy Russell are New York based actors/teachers/entrepreneurs comfortable both in front of and behind the camera.
Their teaching and coaching experience spans virtually every industry from finance, banking and tech to medicine, construction, publishing, beauty and celebrity endorsements.



what we do

Sedgwick-Russell provides media training for:

  • On-air performance
  • Public speaking and presentations
  • Sales pitches for products or funding
  • Job interviews*

*with a special emphasis on preparing millennials with interviewing skills for the all important first job out of college- over 80% of Sedgwick-Russell clients
who internalize and apply what they have learned in a final job interview receive job offers


Rob and Cathy help people identify their true selves - their best qualities - and then integrate them more full into their public speaking, on air appearances or interviews.

Most traditional training sessions focus on what the individual is doing wrong - Sedgwick-Russell focuses on what makes the individual unique and what he/she is passionate about. Our philosophy is once you feel connected to what you are saying you will concentrate on your message, stop worrying about where to put your hands or if you are smiling too much. You will appear confident, assured and articulate to other people either in a room or in front of a camera and will begin to enjoy the experience.

Each session is designed a little differently to reflect the specific needs and personality of the client. Rob and Cathy utilize improv and acting techniques to help people improve their communication skills - and find the joy in talking about what you love. Most Americans say that public speaking is their number one fear - Sedgwick-Russell can make speaking to a group of people, an interviewer or in front of a camera effective and  fun.





  1. Identify specific goals- what would you like to work on - on air appearances, public speaking, more effective interviewing techniques, better pitching or sales techniques.
  2. Identify your strong points - what is unique, interesting, and fun about you? What are you good at? Passionate about?
  3. We will then videotape a practice scenario based on your specific goals - a mock on air interview, a sales pitch, a short speech, a job interview.
  4. We will then analyze the message - what was your message - was it effectively presented - was it a good speech, interview, pitch? How can the message be improved? How can you become a better storyteller with humor, relateability, motivation - and a point - in whatever you are saying?
  5. We will then work on the practice scenario without a camera for 30 minutes utilizing acting techniques such as improv, repetition, gibberish - to help you relax and have fun and connect to your true self while speaking to others.
  6. The improved mock scenario is then taped and reviewed with a list of pointers on what was great and indentification of goals for future session or individual work. You will leave with confidence about your abilities and a clear sense of how you can be an effective communicator.


media training menu

One 90 minute session - $400
Three 90 minute sessions - $1000
Five 90 minute sessions - $1500