The Business of Acting

Our most in-demand class returns!

15 Classes for $300! (That's just $20/Class!)

Pursuing an acting career in New York can be lonely and frustrating. This class will help you develop a strategic plan to get work and provide you with a community of actors to share experiences and knowledge with. Teacher Catherine Russell will guide you, advise you, inspire you, and, if necessary, kick your butt. Our Business of Acting class is an individually tailored, year-long class designed to help you get a leg up in the world of acting, covering topics like: agents, managers, casting directors, breakdowns; headshots and resumes; knowing your type; creating a reel; joining unions; and more!

Do you have a photo and resume?
This class will show you how to get a great photo and resume & how to improve the one you have.

Are you auditioning regularly?
This class will push you to start auditioning or audition more frequently and effectively.

Do you have a three month/six month/one year plan for your acting career?
This class will teach you how to set achievable goals.

Are you happy with your current acting career?
If not, join this class and take individualized steps to move forward!

What are you waiting for?

Enrollment is limited, so sign up early! This class is only offered twice a year.

About the Class

The class will meet from 4:30-6:30 PM for six consecutive Saturdays and will then meet on the first Saturday of every month 4:30-6:30 for the next nine months.

You must have permission from Cathy to join this class. Please only sign up if you are committed to becoming a proactive actor taking charge of your career. Each student will set individually tailored, achievable goals and then come up with a list of specific tasks to accomplish those goals. All of the students who completed our first Business of Acting Class last fall are now auditioning regularly and booking jobs frequently. Students will be divided into smaller groups and will follow up and communicate between classes during the six week course and then during the ensuing year.

Topics Include:

  • How the business works: agents, managers, casting directors, the breakdowns

  • How to target the specific industry people who can get you work

  • Finding work on your own in theater, film, television, commercials, print, web series, industrials

  • Getting a photo that looks like you and a resume that showcases who you are and what makes you unique

  • Identifying and refining your type

  • Finding auditions

  • Getting representation

  • What happens at an audition

  • What to say when you meet an agent or casting director

  • Following up after an audition or meeting

  • Creating a reel

  • Joining the unions

  • Creating your own opportunities – writing, producing, directing your own material

Class Schedule

New dates coming soon!


The Business of Acting Private Tutorial: 5 Hours of Individualized One on One Business Coaching for $400.

The Business of Acting Class is only taught once a year and for some people the class time / schedule is not a good fit. Yet many of you have questions about how to get work as an actor - how to begin the process and then how to keep going and not feel like you are hitting a wall. So we have developed a Business of Acting Private Tutorial: 5 hours of one on one coaching built around your schedule!

You can choose day and time for each session.

This class will help you set goals AND meet them. If you want to get started but have no idea what steps to take to become an working actor, or if you are getting work but feel like you aren't moving forward towards getting representation and better auditions, this tutorial is for you.

The Five Hour Tutorial is $400 and is taught by Cathy. There is a payment plan available and ask about discounted rates if you take the tutorial with a partner.


Admission to The Business of Acting is by approval only. Current students must request approval from Catherine; new students must interview with her before admission will be considered.

Reaching Us

For questions, please call us at:  (917) 439-3690  or email



Catherine Russell

Catherine Russell has been profiled in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Crain’s, Entertainment Tonight, the Today Show and People Magazine for her unique achievements as an entrepreneur/actress. She has performed in the Off-Broadway thriller Perfect Crime for over 31 years without taking a vacation or sick day- an achievement for which she is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. She has appeared on-stage, on television and in films for over 30 years and is on the faculty of New York University where she teaches graduate and undergraduate acting.